Fusion Galvo Laser Series

High-speed marking with sophisticated camera technology


Metal Marking Machine

The Fusion Galvo by Epilog Laser combines fast engraving of metals with quick and efficient project setup. This innovative laser machine produces a variety of marks on metal, including deep engraving, polished white marks, and deep black annealed etching. Project setup is fast and easy using Epilog’s Laser Dashboard and artwork placement is exceptionally precise thanks to the IRIS™ camera system. The Fusion Galvo features an exceptionally user-friendly interface and uses high-quality parts and components, giving you unbeatable metal etching results.


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Fusion Galvo laser machine.

FEATURES: Machine Enhancements Designed to Increase Productivity

The Fusion Galvo engraving machine from Epilog Laser combines leading-edge galvo technology and our latest features that allow manufacturers to quickly and easily engrave metal parts and components.

Product features and configurations subject to change without notice.

Technical Specifications: Fusion Galvo Laser Machines

The Fusion Galvo machine from Epilog provides incredible marking speeds and artwork positioning capabilities, along with the following technical features:

Technical specifications and product configurations subject to change without notice.